Panasonic FAX-983
SKU Code : FAX-983
  • Panasonic KX-FT983 Thermal Paper Fax Machine (Silver)
    Panasonic KX-FT983 Thermal Paper Fax Machine (Silver) features phone and fax functionality in a simple and compact design. It features an Automatic Paper Cutter that automatically cuts and stacks documents that are received or copied. It offers Sequential broadcasting for up to 20 locations. If you wish to send the same fax to multiple locations, you can easily program the device to do so automatically. The documents will be stored in memory and faxed in succession to each of the locations you program. Panasonic KX-FT983 Thermal Paper Fax Machine`s built-in memory can store up to 28 pages, in case the device runs out of paper. The device also has caller ID compatibility, so that you may view the name or number of the incoming callers on the LCD screen. You can even edit and store the caller ID memory, and print the list of your call records. The navigator key enables you to control system features, operating modes and as caller ID memory. The Out-of Paper Reception feature takes care of your work in case the device does not have any paper.
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